Perimenopause Treatment

Perimenopause is the time in life when the female body begins the natural transition to menopause – usually around the age of 40. With symptoms often being difficult to navigate, you don’t need to worry, as BioID Health is here to help you get through it – and find a new lease of life!

Perimenopause Treatment

Here at BioID Health, we have developed a doctor-led initiative, in which we replenish any depleting hormones with artificial ones – a relatively new advancement in medicine that is combating the effects of ageing, in both women and men.

These closely mimic the ones created naturally within the body – to provide perimenopause relief and replenish individual deficiencies. Completely unique to you, our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) helps to restore your hormone levels and regulate daily functions – such as sleep, sex drive and mental and physical wellbeing.

To identify which hormones are lacking in your system, all it takes is a simple blood test. One of our doctors will speak to you about your symptoms and will send a phlebotomist out to take a venous blood draw in your own home.

This will then be analysed and the tailored perimenopause hormone therapy will be prescribed to you, in the form of either gel, lozenges or capsules – whichever you prefer. Three-months’ supply will be delivered straight to your door and we will follow up with a consultation after a few weeks to see how your perimenopause hormone therapy is helping you

Symptoms of Perimenopause

Perimenopause can present with a number of symptoms, although these will differ from person-to-person. Symptoms will begin a few months – or even a few years – before you start menopause (which is defined as one whole year without menstruation).

You can use our online symptom checker to see if you are experiencing perimenopausal symptoms, or have a look at the list we have compiled below:
Irregular periods
Disturbed sleep
Mood changes and irritability
Hot flashes
Vaginal and bladder problems
Decreased fertility
Changes in cholesterol levels
Low libido
If you are experiencing symptoms and need some perimenopausal relief, then contact BioID Health today and start your journey of discovering a life symptom-free!

It’s so easy to begin – just fill out our online symptom checker (linked above) and speak to one of our specialist consultants. Your blood test – taken in the comfort of your own home – will be analysed and any hormone deficiencies identified.

Our doctors at BioID Health will then devise a tailored treatment plan, in the form of gels, lozenges or capsules, which will be sent to your door. We will then keep in contact with you to see how you are getting on. It’s that simple! Contact BioID Health today!

What do our patients say?

One patient who has undergone BioID treatment with Dr. Martin Kinsella is Lisa Taggart, who suffered from severe perimenopause symptoms.
Lisa said: “From around my early 40’s, I noticed a difference in my hair and nails, I gained weight, my balance was off, my recovery time at the gym was increased, and I just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t find joy in life, and I found it a challenge to get out of bed. Even going to work, meeting new people was difficult.” 

I started taking BioID, and within 5-6 weeks I started to notice a real difference. I felt much better within myself, I no longer had to stand for a minute each morning to regain my balance, and I felt happy again. I am now back to exercising and walking 300 miles per month, and my recovery time is back to normal.

BioID really is life-changing, so I encourage anybody who feels the way I did to try BioID.

Are you suffering with perimenopause?

If you are suffering from perimenopause, contact us today for a consultation with one of our leading, specialised doctors. Let us help you get your zest for life back. 

More than just standard hormone replacement therapy.A treatment plan tailored to your health & wellbeing



Fill out our symptom questionnaire and speak to one of our BioID specialists. 


Our process is easy and straight forward – complete your blood test and attend an online prescriber-led consultation to discuss your results and formulate your tailored treatment plan.


Your bespoke hormones will be sent directly to your door as either gels, lozenges or capsules with clear instructions of how to use. You will receive a 3-month supply at each delivery.


Monthly follow up online consultation and further blood test at 8 – 10 weeks.