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Andropause Treatment

Andropause Relief from Bio ID Health

Andropause – also known as the male menopause – can be difficult for a man to navigate, as male hormone levels can change as they get older. Testosterone and androgen deficiency, as well as late-onset hypogonadism – which occurs when sex glands called gonads produce little, if any, sex hormones – are all terms that refer to the same symptoms.
But there’s no need to worry, as BioID Health are here to help you with bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT), which is specific to your individual needs.

Male Menopause Treatment

At BioID Health, we are leading the fight against andropause, helping to alleviate any unpleasant symptoms you may be experiencing. Our BHRT treatment can significantly improve your quality of life, as symptoms of andropause can be really severe for some men.

The andropause natural treatment replaces reduced hormones, restoring your body to its absolute best! BHRT, unlike conventional HRT, is made from plant sources equivalent to hormones naturally produced by the body. Our doctor-led treatment mimics natural hormone production in the body, thereby relieving the unpleasant, and sometimes life-changing, symptoms of andropause.

After speaking to one of our doctors, we will arrange for a phlebotomist to visit you at home to take a venous blood draw, that will then be analysed to identify what hormones you are lacking. We will then develop a tailored treatment plan that addresses your hormonal imbalances.

This andropause medication can be taken as lozenges, gels or capsules, and will be delivered straight to your door! You’ll then have a follow-up appointment a few weeks later, so we can assess how you’re getting along. You will find that your day-to-day functioning significantly improves – as well as your overall quality of life.

So, how do you determine you have hormonal imbalances? Well, that’s easy. You can fill out our online symptom checker, which will give you a good idea. But we’ve also prepared a comprehensive list for you below:

Symptoms of andropause

Andropause symptoms can start to appear once testosterone levels begin to fall, usually after the age of 30 – with the NHS reporting testosterone levels in men between 30 and 40 years old decreasing by 2% per year. Although a natural process that comes with ageing, the andropause can produce some distressing side effects, that can last for a number of years.


Although not something that every male goes through, men that do go through the andropause may experience some sexual difficulties, such as erectile dysfunction – although there won’t be a total shutdown of reproductive organs.


Other symptoms include:

🗸 Low libido and sex drive

🗸 Lack of energy and fatigue

🗸 Reduced muscle mass

🗸 Depression, irritability and mood swings

🗸 Memory loss

🗸 Insomnia and disrupted sleep

🗸 Weight gain


As with the female menopause, these symptoms don’t affect everyone and the severity can wildly differ from person-to-person. But they are usually a good indicator that your body is changing and it’s time for andropause medication.

Benefits of BHRT

There are numerous reported benefits to BHRT, including:


🗸 Weight loss

🗸 Reduction in stress and happier mood

🗸 Increased muscle mass

🗸 Stronger bones

🗸 Boost in energy levels

🗸 Enhanced libido

🗸 Improved sexual function

More than standard hormone replacement therapy, a treatment plan to fight the symptoms of andropause is tailored to your health and wellbeing. So, why not start your BioID Health journey today – and discover safe and effective andropause treatment options?

What do our patients say?

Hear what one of our male patients had to say about us:

Lee after treatment

Lee commented: “Since I have started using BioID, it’s not just me who has seen the benefits. My work colleagues have noticed that I have more energy, my children are interacting with me more, and my wife, feels like she has her 20 year old husband back.”

Are you going through Andropause?

Please get in touch and Contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our skilled and knowledgeable doctors, where we can discuss and tailor your Andropause treatment.

More than just standard hormone replacement therapy,
a andropause treatment plan tailored to your health & wellbeing

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 Fill out our symptom questionnaire and speak to one of our BioID specialists. 

Andropause treatment hormone treatment


Our 2-step process is easy and straight forward – complete your at-home blood test followed by a virtual prescriber-led consultation to discuss your results and formulate your tailored treatment plan.

home hormone delivery


Your bespoke hormones will be sent directly to your door as either gels, lozenges or capsules with clear instructions of how to use. You will receive a 3-month supply at each delivery.

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Monthly follow up online consultation and further blood test at 6 – 8 weeks.
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