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BioID provides remarkable results through a comprehensive initial assessment of your hormone levels and a tailored treatment plan designed to optimise your hormone levels to give you optimal health.

Standard HRT vs BioID

Many women upon experiencing menopausal symptoms will seek help and advice from their GP. Standard HRT may be prescribed to help alleviate and treat these symptoms. Often HRT is prescribed to women without any blood tests taken before starting treatment and therefore specific deficiencies are not identified.

Standard HRT is a combination of oestrogen and a synthetic progesterone-like compound which is not identical to the bodies own hormone. Standard HRT has been developed to be cost effective and used as a standard ‘one size fits all’ symptom-fix for menopausal women. It comes as a standard dose which is not adjusted to the individual patient.

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Why is standard HRT not the best treatment for me?

All humans are biologically different and although all women have the same hormones in their body, they all have different levels. As we age certain hormones may deplete more than others leading to specific imbalances and in turn associated symptoms.

Without a blood test to identify these levels of all your hormones it is impossible to deliver the most appropriate treatment for that individual woman. In addition, pharmaceutically manufactured compounds in standard HRT can create un-natural effects in the body and unwanted side effects.

The standard dose in HRT may be suitable for some women whilst not others and is only available as a tablet or patch.

Why is BioID different?

At BioID we use a comprehensive blood test analysis to assess all your hormone levels and identify any specific imbalances you may have. These may include vitamin deficiencies as well.

We then create bioidentical hormones which are chemically identical to the hormones in your body and therefore do not create unwanted side effects.

We fully customise the dose to suit you and the form in which our hormones can be applied i.e. gels, lozenges or capsules.

At BioID your long-term health and wellbeing is important to us. We arrange a 2 month follow up repeat blood test and review to re-assess your levels and again adjust treatment where necessary.

Blood Test

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At BioID we carry out an at-home venous blood test to assess your blood biochemistry and hormone levels, your results will be discussed with you and a bespoke treatment plan will be generated.

home venous blood draw

 Full blood count and biochemistry (including liver function, kidney function, a full cholesterol, calcium levels, iron levels and lipid profile)

> Advanced thyroid check

> Adrenal hormone function (including cortisol and DHEA)

> Sex hormone assessment (progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone, FSH, LH, SHBG)

> Vitamin level assessment (Vit D, Vit B12, Folate)

Hormone Application

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Your personalised bespoke hormones will be delivered to your door in the form gels, capsules, or lozenges. Depending on what hormones you need and your personal preference we can provide them in either of these three forms. 



Apply one pump directly onto the wrist, then using the wrist rub the gel into the skin of the inner legs, tummy or inner arms in the morning or evening (depending on hormone). 



Swallow one capsule either in the morning or evening (depending on hormone) 



Place one quarter of lozenge under the tongue and allow to dissolve in the morning or evening (depending on hormone

**More detailed information on how to take your individual your hormones will be provided 

More than just standard hormone replacement therapy,
a treatment plan tailored to your health & wellbeing

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 Fill out our symptom questionnaire and speak to one of our BioID specialists. 



Our 2-step process is easy and straight forward – have a blood test taken by our phlebotomist in the comfort of your home followed by a virtual prescriber-led consultation to discuss your results and formulate your tailored treatment plan.

home hormone delivery


Your bespoke hormones will be sent directly to your door as either gels, lozenges or capsules with clear instructions of how to use. You will receive a 3-month supply at each delivery.

online symptom questionnaire


Monthly follow up online consultation and further blood test at 6 – 8 weeks.
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