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Your Specialist Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

Our doctors, who specialise in bioidentical hormones, believe the future of your health lies in maintaining optimal balanced hormone levels.

BioID brings doctors logic to hormones and your health.

Martin Kinsella

Our Founder

With over 15 years’ experience in the aesthetics industry, Dr. Kinsella is one of the UK’s most sought-after aesthetic and anti-ageing practitioners. Over 11 years ago, he opened the doors to his own aesthetics clinic and has gone on to establish Bio-ID and its state-of-the-art blood testing facility. 

He is passionate about the unparalleled difference bioidentical hormones make to his patients’ lives and strives to find new and innovative ways to empower people through changes experienced during menopause and perimenopause.

Under Dr. Kinsella’s leadership, the team at Bio-ID are experts in testing, formulation and compounding of all Bio-ID products and are fully committed to the safety and quality of treatments we prescribe. We are continually striving for further research and development of hormone balancing products and their potential uses.

“After many years of providing anti-ageing treatments to my patients I have found that whilst improving their appearance and confidence is rewarding, nothing compares to the satisfaction I get from changing peoples’ lives with bioidentical hormone replacement.

Age related hormone deficiencies can present with debilitating symptoms in both men and women. These can seriously affect their physical and mental wellbeing and can have a huge impact on all aspects of a person’s life.

In an era of modern medicine, it has never been more apparent that there are so many people that are suffering in silence. The lack of general awareness in both the general population and medical communities is alarming and the lack of treatment options available means that many of these people never get the chance to understand what’s happening to them and find the right treatment.

In women, standard HRT can be unsuitable. It often causes unwanted side-effects and can create long term health risks or problems. In many women standard HRT prescribed by their GP can also be ineffective in alleviating menopausal symptoms and may even worsen them.

Most men are unaware of the vital role hormones play in their health. Declining levels, as men age, can cause serious damage to their bodies and present with symptoms that often go undiagnosed.

I have made it my mission to raise awareness, educate people and through BioID give everyone access to doctor-based hormone replacement therapy, so that they can experience the life changing results like my patients have from the comfort of their own homes.”

Dr Martin Kinsella MBChB BDS

BioIDs logic to optimal health

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Fill in our online symptom questionnaire
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Book an introductory call with one of our BioID specialists
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Complete your at-home blood test
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Arrange an online video consultation with a Bio-ID Doctor to go through your blood results and generate a treatment plan/prescription
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Hormones are directly delivered to your door

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Monthly follow up online consultation and further blood test at 6 – 8 weeks.

More than just standard hormone replacement therapy,
a treatment plan tailored to your health & wellbeing

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 Fill out our symptom questionnaire and speak to one of our BioID specialists. 



Our 2-step process is easy and straight forward – have a blood test taken by our phlebotomist in the comfort of your home followed by a virtual prescriber-led consultation to discuss your results and formulate your tailored treatment plan.

home hormone delivery


Your bespoke hormones will be sent directly to your door as either gels, lozenges or capsules with clear instructions of how to use. You will receive a 3-month supply at each delivery.

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Monthly follow up online consultation and further blood test at 6 – 8 weeks.
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