Terms & Conditions

Specifications for Treatment

(a) We will offer bespoke prescriptive hormone medication to patients experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance after a full medical consultation and following the results of blood analysis.

(b) For your safety, the clinician must be sure of any medical contraindications to your treatment. Failure to disclose any medical conditions, current medications or supplements taken could result in immediate termination of your treatment and agreed hormone programme, without a refund

 Refunds and Cancellation of Programmes

(a) Bespoke treatment programmes are non-refundable unless exceptional medical circumstances can be proven, or you are deemed medically unsuitable to continue treatment. Cases such as these are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and all refunds are at the discretion of our Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Clinicians and Senior Management Team.

(b) We understand that a person’s situation may change. If you are thinking about cancelling your monthly direct debit for your treatment plan, please call us via Tel: 0330 460 9999 as you will need to book and attend a mandatory exit consultation with a senior member of the clinical team. Please note, your payment schedule will continue to generate the agreed recurring instalments until the exit consultation has been completed. Your recurring payment instalments will be cancelled when all payment for prescription medication received and patient care delivered has been collected.

Call recording

When you call BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE THERAPY LTD, we may record the call to assist with the training and development of our employees. Our pre-recorded introductory message will inform you when your call may be recorded.
During a call, if we need to take your credit or debit card details to take a payment over the phone, the operator will pause the recording so that we do not store this sensitive data. The recording will resume once payment has been taken.
Consultations via telephone calls or video calls with our doctors and practitioners are never recorded.

 Cancelled or Missed Appointments

(a) If you cannot attend your booked consultation, you must notify us with a minimum of 48-hours before your consultation time and date by calling us on Tel: 0330 460 9999. Messages via email and other channels may be missed therefore please ensure that you call us directly.

(b) If you do not attend your initial consultation without giving us 48 hours prior notice via telephone, you will lose you the £50.00 paid when booking. You must pay an additional £50.00 for a further initial consultation appointment.

(d) If you do not attend your main consultation without giving us 48 hours prior notice via telephone, we will be unable to disclose the results of your blood test analysis. To receive your blood test results, you must reschedule and attend a main consultation for which a DNA fee of £50.00 (single payment) applies.
(e) If you eligible for a tailored hormone treatment program at your re-scheduled main consultation, you will be credited for the £50.00 deposit by receiving a discount for the first month only.
(f) If are discharged following the results of your blood test due to medical ineligibility, we will credit back your £50.00 paid for the DNA charge.
(g) If you are treatable following the results of your blood test but choose to decline treatment, we will retain the £50.00 paid for the DNA charge.
(h) If you do not attend your follow-up consultation without giving us 48 hours prior notice via telephone, you will be charged a one-off DNA fee of £50.00 for non-attendance to the card we hold on file via our financial software platform. 


(a) Credits added to a patients account will be valid for 6-months from date of issue. After 6-months this credit will not be able to be used against any further treatment.

Consultation Compliance

(a) During the initial consultation, confirmation of our BioID Health Terms & Conditions will be explained at the beginning of their BioID journey. This will be backed up by updated Terms and Conditions on the available via our website and links in all appointment booking confirmation emails.


Due to the legislative and regulatory requirements for the safe handling of prescriptive medication, no prescription medication can be returned or exchanged once purchased.

Recurring Payments Instalments for Treatment Plans

  1. Upon agreement of a treatment plan, you will agree to a quarterly or yearly payment option based on the clinicians recommendation of hormone products required.
  2. Payment for the treatment plan must be made in advance of receiving delivery of prescription medication and patient care and all payments are set up via a recurring payment scheme.
  3. For a quarterly instalment plan, you will be charged on the day of plan commencement. Recurring payments will be debited every 3 months to the day you make your first instalment.
  4. For an annual instalment plan, you will be charged on the day of plan commencement. By choosing an annual payment option, a saving of 20% will be applied to the total amount. Recurring payments will be collected annually to the day you make their first payment.
  5. You are permitted to change your payment date providing it is between the 1st – 28th day of the same month your funds are due to be processed.

More than just standard hormone replacement therapy.A treatment plan tailored to your health & wellbeing



Fill out our symptom questionnaire and speak to one of our BioID specialists. 


Our process is easy and straight forward – complete your blood test and attend an online prescriber-led consultation to discuss your results and formulate your tailored treatment plan.


Your bespoke hormones will be sent directly to your door as either gels, lozenges or capsules with clear instructions of how to use. You will receive a 3-month supply at each delivery.


Monthly follow up online consultation and further blood test at 8 – 10 weeks.