Could hormones be to blame for your mood dips?

TopSante online article - could hormones be to blame for your mood dips?

However what you might be surprised to know is that many of our mood dips are related to our hormones, and could actually be a sign that our hormones are out of balance, according to cosmetic doctor and hormone expert, Dr Martin Kinsella.

‘Mood swings can occur when serotonin levels change rapidly, either rising or falling,’ explains Dr Martin Kinsella.  ‘Oestrogen and progesterone control the levels of serotonin production. High levels of oestrogen can impact our mood. This can result in what is known as the roller coaster of emotions that women can experience during both their menstruation cycle and when they reach menopause.’

Most surprising hormonal changes in pregnancy including popping joints and blurred vision

OK! Magazine article - most surprising hormonal changes

“During pregnancy a woman experiences huge hormonal changes,” explains Dr Martin Kinsella.

“Oestrogen and progesterone are the main pregnancy hormones, so women experience a dramatic increase in these. The amount of oestrogen produced in just one pregnancy is more than she would produce during her lifetime without a pregnancy. These hormone changes bring about lots of physical and psychological symptoms that should not be underestimated.

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BioID Health updates website

BioID health updates website

Dr Martin Kinsella, founder of BioID Health, said, “Our new site reflects our commitment and transparency when it comes to navigating the maze that is menopause. Through this new website, we aim to provide individuals with the information that they need, whilst clearly anticipating what we do, how we do it and results that can be expected.”

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