Women Are Just Discovering You Go Through A Second Puberty

Tyla online article - women are just discovering you go through a second puberty

Dr Martin explains: “Puberty is the stage of your life that usually happens in the teenage years when you go from a child to an adult.

“It’s when the brain releases a gonadotropin-releasing hormone and when this reaches the pituitary gland the gland releases two more hormones into the bloodstream – luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone.”

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How hormonal fluctuations affect your daily health

Harper's Bazaar magazine article - Hormonal fluctuations

When should someone be concerned about hormonal imbalances? “Hormones impact more than just our mood – they enable daily bodily functions, reproduction, movement, mood and cognitive function and so much more,” reiterates Dr Kinsella. “Realising how integral hormones are to our health is absolutely the first key step”.

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Ten crucial health questions to ask your mum now – and dodge genetic bullet

OK! Magazine article image - crucial health questions

Skin care is more than eye creams and face masks, so it’s useful to talk to your mum about her skin health because some signs of premature ageing are genetic, meaning that preventive action is crucial.

Additionally, other skin problems can run in families, explains cosmetic doctor and hormone expert Dr Martin Kinsella.

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