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Perimenopause can be extremely debilitating for many women, with symptoms impacting their relationships, social life, and even having serious repercussions in the workplace. When Lisa Taggart, a Regional Manager from Manchester, approached BioID Health in her early 40s, she was suffering from severe symptoms of perimenopause.

Lisa’s story

This case study details the perimenopausal symptoms that Lisa suffered, along with the benefits she experienced after starting bioidentical HRT treatment with the doctor-led team here at BioID Health.  

Perimenopausal fatigue was a big problem for Lisa

Lisa’s journey began when she became extremely lethargic. Having previously enjoyed her job, going to the gym, and regularly socialising with friends, Lisa became depressed, anxious, and irritable. She states, “Every day became a real challenge…I just didn’t want to be here anymore.” Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of perimenopause. Feelings of exhaustion are frequent, with many perimenopausal women reporting that they feel so tired that they struggle to make it through each day without a nap. Lisa didn’t immediately attribute her fatigue to being perimenopausal. However, she then began to notice other changes to her health.  

Lisa also experienced perimenopausal joint pain

The decrease in oestrogen during the perimenopause reduces the natural density of bones, as well as affecting muscle and tendon strength. This can lead to joints becoming inflamed, with perimenopause joint pain being another frequently reported symptom. Lisa experienced perimenopausal joint pain in her ankles, wrists, and hands. However, this symptom can also affect the neck, shoulders, spine, elbows, and knees. As a previously avid gym-goer, Lisa noticed that her recovery time at the gym had significantly increased. Fluctuating hormone levels during the perimenopause use up a massive amount of energy. The combination of perimenopausal fatigue, joint pain and decreased muscle tone that often occur around this time were likely to blame for this. Additionally, the adrenal glands can face a great deal of stress during perimenopause. Exercising during this time was causing Lisa to experience adrenal fatigue – her body was running on empty.  

Lisa experienced several other symptoms of perimenopause

Besides the symptoms detailed above, Lisa also began to gain weight, and noticed a difference in the appearance of her hair and nails. She recounts that her balance was off, and she had to stand for around a minute each morning to steady herself. Combined with a lack of sleep, Lisa’s perimenopausal brain fog had turned her into a ‘walking zombie’. She states, “I felt like an 80 year old…I really just thought my body was failing me.”  

Results of bioidentical HRT treatment

After getting in touch with Dr Martin Kinsella, a comprehensive analysis of Lisa’s blood sample enabled our team to create a bespoke bioidentical HRT treatment plan for her. This plan was designed to restore Lisa’s hormone and vitamin levels to what they were at in her 20s and 30s; at the peak of her health, when she was feeling most like herself. Lisa started to notice a reduction in her symptoms after 5-6 weeks of commencing bioidentical HRT treatment. Her increased energy levels and improved balance allowed her to enjoy exercising again, and her recovery times returned to normal. Lisa’s friends noticed that she was laughing and joking once more. Her social life returned to normal, she enjoyed her job again, and her relationship with her husband improved. She says, “I started to feel like myself again; like the Lisa I was 20 years ago.”  


Since starting bioidentical hormones, Lisa states, “I feel like I have got my life back. Every day is worth getting out of bed for. It has inspired me so much. I don’t want other women to get to the point I was at before finding help. BioID really is life-changing, so I encourage anybody who feels the way I did to try it.” If you’ve been experiencing similar symptoms to Lisa, contact BioID Health today for a comprehensive blood test. Our doctor-led team will analyse your results, prescribing you with a tailored perimenopause treatment plan. Give us a call on 0330 460 9999 or send us a message using our online contact form to get started.
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